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About Dr. Dempster

Dr. Dempster believes in the body's ability to heal itself. Rather than symptom relief, Dr. Dempster discovers the root cause of the patient's problem and creates an individual treatment plan. Dr. Dempster is committed to her patient's health and won't give up until the root cause of the problem is revealed and the problem is resolved as best as it can be.

Dr. Dempster operates on the concept that health is a dynamic, interactive balance of physical, mental, and biochemical factors. Dr. Dempster uses Applied Kinesiology, which is using muscle testing as the feedback mechanism to examine how a person's body is functioning as well as blood, stool, saliva, urine testing. Dr. Dempster utilizes treatments such as clinical nutrition, laboratory interpretation, various muscle therapies, cranial techniques, meridian therapies, dietary management, and reflex procedures to discover the root cause of the distress in the system.

For more than two decades Dr. Dempster has followed her passion for understanding how the body works. Her interest in nutrition, exercise physiology, and natural health has led her to chiropractic and natural internal medicine, which unites all of her skills.

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Course Graduate

American Clinical Board of Nutrition


National University of Health Sciences

Advanced Degree in Internal Disorders

Doctor of Chiropractic

B.S. in Human Biology

International College of Applied Kinesiology

Quintessential Applications

Advanced training in pain relief, adrenal stress, liver health, preventing degenerative joint disease and balancing hormonal systems. Plus

100 hour course in basic Applied Kinesiology

George Mason University

B.S. in Business Administration


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